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Youthfulness – A Celebration Of Life

This post will start with a quotation from an icon that is very relevant in my life, Nelson Mandela:

“Whenever I am with the energetic young people,” Nelson Mandela said in a speech in Durban, in1997, “I feel like a recharged battery, confident that our country can look forward to great things.”

Living in the mindset of Youthfulness and its adventures, we suggested in our previous post that you try PLAYING (having fun) and start to nurture your DESIRE.

“Have you started to explore your inner child yet”?

Continuing with the experience of having FUN, the next real secret to staying youthful is “MALLEABILITY”, this is your ability to adapt, to change.

Youthfulness requires that you be able to “bend “with life experiences.
By example, have you ever seen a baby fall over when attempting to take the first few steps? Their soft little bodies are usually able to roll with activity of the fall and since they don’t absorb the impact, they embrace it. Their fluidity is their saving grace.

As we get older, the more rigid we can become in both our thoughts and bodies as yes, not all of life’s experiences are great and we do get emotionally/physically hurt, so we protect ourselves – we create Tension and Negative thoughts.

When you’re no longer willing to leap blindly into the abyss of self-realisation, if you’ve closed the doors on new possibilities (like saying to yourself, I am too old to do this or that) – your life force slowly starts to suffocate from lack of fresh energy and motivation.

Taking a risk every now and again or exploring a new life adventure does take courage however it also has so many rewards.

Step out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just a little step.

Youthfulness is about your vitality and spirit.
Start living your bucket list – have fun, enjoy the desire of life and be open/malleable to go with the flow of the experience.

Youth isn’t in your appearance; it is in your life force and sitting in your bones.
So, take that blind leap of faith and STEP OUT.

In addition to the above, “Youthfulness” is to “CONQUER A LONG-HELD FEAR”.

Fears are motivational when you release them. Life on earth is short if you analyse the age of the earth to your life span.
Yes, our journey on earth is not always the idealistic experience we expected – it is though still available for us to explore.
Allowing yourself the license to “Conquer A Long-Held Fear,” invigorates the feelings of youthfulness.

Even when you are “AGING,” it is the perfect time to finally try out that acting/art class, go skydiving (if scared of heights), or ask someone you’ve been eyeing on a date, even if the thought would have paralyzed you a decade earlier.

Remember growing older is a PRIVILEGE, although many of us fail to see it as such.
This is in fact the perfect time to make some serious changes (draw up that bucket list) in your life in pursuit of happiness, health, and overall well-being.

It is time to get your vitality and spirit back and conquer that one long held fear.
Don’t look back, Life can only get better but it is up to you to TAKE that FIRST STEP.

A-Motus will be there to assist you to get that spring back in your step and revive your vitality and spirit.

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