Welcome to midyear already, we have decided that our June theme will be a deviation from the harsh realities of life.

We accept the importance of discussing and exploring these serious topics, however we aim to have fun in June.

With it being Youth Month and not to take away from the political/historical significance of June 16th, we will rather focus on what:

“Youth day means to us”.

For us it means:

“It is a celebration of youth, power and unity, how we as young people (in our case younger minded people can impact the world if we put our minds to it)”.

Ever heard the saying YOUTH HAS NO AGE or this quote that says it all:

“Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind. You are as old as your doubt, your fear, your despair.
The way to keep young is to keep your faith young. Keep your self-confidence young. Keep your hope young”.

So for June we will be providing “tips to help you stay young” and as well as “reasons to embrace getting older”.

A-Motus can assist you through your younger/older transition especially when you encounter an unexpected HEALTH CRISIS.