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Celebrating Woman as Nurturers & Caregivers – Final

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This is our final week to celebrate and acknowledge the extraordinary women during Woman's month. Millions of women (me among them) have depended and still depend upon the legion of caregivers who dedicate their lives to tending to our loved ones’ most intimate needs and laying a foundation of lifelong learning for our children—all so that [...]

Celebrating Women As Nurturers & Caregivers – Part 2

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As we are celebrating and acknowledging the extraordinary women during Woman's month, we were telling “Mary’s” story about an ordinary woman who became a caregiver but was placed in a position where she had no choice but to embrace this role along with being a Wife, Mother, etc. If you find yourself having to take on [...]

Potential Home Carer Burnout – Coping Strategies to Assist You – Final

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With May and our focus on Mental Health drawing to a close, here is a summary of the four coping strategies discussed so far: It is important to understand your emotions Avoid enabling Establish Expectations Use learned communication tools The last two coping strategies are  crucial to assist you with potential home carer burnout. Looking after [...]