Project Description


New born babies bring us so much awesome joy, blessings and love; they just make the world sparkle.

In truth though, our modern lifestyles are at a fast pace and we are not always quite prepared or supported for the additional fatigue and lack of sleep which occurs with a new family member (or two or three). We can become irritable; our focus and concentration levels are affected and often we feel as if we are in some type of a semi-crisis coping mode.

A-Motus is here to care for you and your baby.

Sleep deprivation is avoided when you can have a good night’s sleep and peace of mind that your baby is being looked after by a night specialist carer/nurse. If you are breastfeeding, the night carer/nurse will bring your baby to you. After your baby has fed you can immediately go back to sleep. Your Night Carer/Nurse will take your baby back to the nursery and take care of soothing, changing, winding and getting them back to sleep.

Families with babies or young children who may be physically and/or mentally disabled often require specialized nursing care assistance. A-Motus respects the uniqueness of the disability and our nursing care providers are well orientated with the appropriate medical support that may be required.