This month’s focus on access to Universal Healthcare leaves families with different options to consider when we encounter a “MEDICAL CRISIS” within our homes or the homes of our ageing parents.

You may find that mom or dad are losing their keys more often or tasks that once seemed easy are now feeling laborious and confusing for them. Being in a similar situation the question always is:

“Are they OK? Should I be worried? The next question is What to do next?

Put your parents in an old age facility, retirement home which can create even more confusion and alienation from the family or you could consider home care.

Although this option may seem daunting at first, dementia is a progressive disease so care can range from 3 hours a day to 24 hours.

The big plus with this option is that dementia care is offered at home so individuals can remain in a place with familiar settings and surroundings. This lowers the risk of wandering and confusion.

A-Motus Home Care Services aim is to create a dementia care plan that relieves the family stress and provides support so that peace of mind is achieved. Our trained caregivers are experts at empathetic care.