For the month of May, A-Motus is focusing on MENTAL HEALTH MONTH, in support of and raising the awareness of Home Carer Burnout.

Caring for a loved one who is ill is a special role that is often given to us unexpectedly.

Long term care can be a challenging situation for the care giving wife/husband/family member of a loved one.  In this article, we shall continue with our discussions around coping strategies to support you with preventing the potential for Home Carer Burnout.

In our previous article we discussed the first two strategies of, “Understanding your emotions” and how to, “Avoid Enabling.

The next two coping  strategies are as follows:

As the family home carer, it is very important to understand and to “establish realistic expectations” 

This third coping mechanism is in fact a dual requirement.The one aspect is to establish what is the realistic care outcome for the ill family member. Wellness and rehabilitation expectations for a loved one’s condition must be realistic.

The other area of establishing expectations, focuses on You, the family home carer. The day to day requirements of home care for your loved one can be a very demanding role and this is not always easy to admit. Establishing realistic expectations for everyone involved in the home care is the solid ground for home care success.

A-Motus is able to assist in meeting with families and patients to discuss and understand what the realistic home care expectations can be. Our professional team are able to assist with rehabilitation home care goals and home care support.

Our Fourth coping strategy is “learned communication tools”.

New challenges in life have a very direct way of teaching us about life and through this we may have to extend ourselves. When someone requires home care support, open communication becomes the focus and this is not an easy process for many i.e. the person requiring care, as well as the family home carer assisting with the care.

Through the process of utilising, learned communication tools, one will learn how to raise issues, have problem-solving discussions and create agreements about expectations. Once these agreements are created, household battles and stress will greatly diminish leaving a more peaceful existence.

As a result of effective communication with all, the realistic home care expectations and agreements are reached and this is the single most helpful way to improve mental health for all involved.

You are not alone, A-Motus will assist you through this difficult emotional journey.

A-Motus is a professional Home Care Service – “WE CARE FOR YOU”