As we are celebrating and acknowledging the extraordinary women during Woman’s month, we were telling “Mary’s” story about an ordinary woman who became a caregiver but was placed in a position where she had no choice but to embrace this role along with being a Wife, Mother, etc.

If you find yourself having to take on this role of caregiver or If you’re worn out, at your wit’s end and barely recognize yourself anymore, you’re probably caring for a seriously ill spouse or parent. And you’re not alone in your condition. Fortunately, after decades of blindness to your plight, caregiver challenges are coming to the forefront of our awareness.

While a few families strengthen under such adversity, even the most stable ones disintegrate without good direction. Although no two situations are alike, certain fears, worries, and concerns are universal for caregivers. All these decisions that tend to focus on money, decision making, hygiene, disrespectful treatment, family involvement, communication, intimacy, and strong emotions.

In this process, however, the most important aspect of “SELF CARE” is often neglected. Since caregivers neglect themselves, they need specific direction on how to manage their endless and extreme challenges while keeping themselves afloat.

Help and assistance is just a phone call away. A-Motus Home Care Services provides specialised nursing, palliative, and dementia care.

In order to take some time out for “YOU”, WE WILL CARE FOR YOU and your ill spouse or parent.

Here are some other relief strategies to assist you:

  • Take breaks – short or long.
    •  Get in professional help from A-Motus and take a trip away to visit a friend and or family. A change of scenery always helps.
  • Do simple things and keep life simple.
    • Enjoy “INNER” vacations as you chant, meditate, read and do affirmations while your ill spouse, sleeps. You can escape into yourrself in healthy ways.
  • Take advantage of what’s in your neighborhood.
    •  “Mary’s” spouse has cancer so she does “shop therapy” to get herself out of the house and into the havens that beautiful shopping malls provide. Sometimes just buying something at your neighborhood flea market uplifts you because acquiring something new creates the feeling that there is a future.

So how do we really champion the advancements that women have made in the workplace and in society and pave the way for a brighter future for all women?

By appropriately valuing the important role that caregivers (largely women) play in our homes, the economy and our global society, and professionalising the caregiving industry.

And how do we do that?

These incredibly valuable members of our society deserve fair and above-board pay, clear expectations about the scope of their roles, and paid time off for the necessary work they do in our homes. This refers to ordinary working wives and not just nursing professionals.

In the words of Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

 Let’s advance the cause of all women, by honoring the caregivers who make so many women’s achievements possible.

How will you honour your mother, family member that has taken on the role of the caregiver during this month?

For all those extraordinary women out there, Accept and Grant yourself permission for SELF CARE. 

CONTACT A-Motus to assist and or relieve you from your caregiving duties so that you take time out for “SELF CARE”.