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Celebrating Woman As Nurturers & Caregivers

As August is upon us and as we celebrate Woman’s Day on 9th, locally the theme for 2019 is:

“25 Years of Democracy: Growing South Africa Together for Women’s Emancipation”.

As Woman in South Africa, we have come a long way but by no means are we fully emancipated. So for the month of August instead of celebrating just the gains of activists/successful women, let us appropriately value and acknowledge the important role caregivers play in our homes, the economy and our global society.

By caregivers, we are referring not only to professional nurses but to any woman who are wives, mothers, daughters who may have her own obligations at home and yet spends her day taking care of her own or another family.

The facts are, biologically, women are the nurturers. That’s good because the caregiving role is more natural for us. however, we are not considered as caregivers.
It is somewhat expected of us—she’s just doing what a wife is supposed to do. So our efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated. And since she’s expected to know how to do this, help isn’t offered—yet there will be plenty of people to tell her the “correct” way to perform her duties!

As a “GOOD WIFE,” (called Mary) we may immerse ourselves in caring for our loved one. While “Mary” isn’t expected to fix his/her illness, she certainly should be able to manage everything about his/her care and ensure his/her happiness. While Mary may normally share concerns with her friends, she’s learned that people may get tired of listening.

Although Mary has been a nurturer, she hasn’t been a nurse. So the nursing duties are just as foreign to her as they are to her husband. This is not the kind of nurturing she did as a mother. Along with her previous roles, caregiving was just added and on top of that has come household maintenance, finances, and legalities.

Family caregiving is one of the most challenging and stressful roles a person is ever asked to undertake.

I will over the coming month discuss how we celebrate these woman caregivers and provide relief strategies to make life easier.

Do not despair there is help out there.
Contact A-Motus Home Care Services who provides Elderly/Frail, Dementia, and palliative – end of life care.
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