This is our final week to celebrate and acknowledge the extraordinary women during Woman’s month.

Millions of women (me among them) have depended and still depend upon the legion of caregivers who dedicate their lives to tending to our loved ones’ most intimate needs and laying a foundation of lifelong learning for our children—all so that we can pursue our professional goals. That caregiver is overwhelmingly likely to be a woman herself, who has her own obligations at home and yet spends her day taking care of another family.

As countries and families worldwide grapple with the needs of a rapidly aging society, more professional caregivers are needed to help care for our elderly loved ones with dignity and patience.
Women still list family care obligations as the number one obstacle to working outside the home as much as they would like. Simply put, caregivers bridge that gap for our society and economy and create the luxury of choice for women and families worldwide.

If you find yourself in a situation where you take on the role of caregiver, here are some other relief strategies to assist you:

  • Stay Socially Involved – This “SELF CARE” method allows Mary’s to slip out for lunch with friends. If she doesn’t attend to her social life now, she won’t have one after her spouse dies. She is simply preparing for her future.
  • Get help and enjoy your friends – Mary arranges to have one of their children stay with her spouse one Saturday a month, and one evening a month, so she can go out with friends. She shares immediate concerns with friends during outings, rather than burying her angst.

rest image

  • Have fun – Get Rest – Joe has been struggling with Parkinson’s for many years. Mary arranges for a neighbor to stay with him while she goes to a jazz club one night every week. She also has someone come for one overnight each week so she can take a sleeping pill and get a good night’s sleep.

You can also get in a professional nurse from A-Motus to assist you.



  • Know that the sick person’s journey and your journey are not one and the same – You’ve got different things for which to prepare, so don’t get lost on their path. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Whether caring for your husband, wife or parent, take the handheld out to you. Remember to give yourself permission for “SELF CARE”, take time out and ask for help.

A-Motus will care for you by providing specialised, dementia and palliative End of life care.

Let us not forget to celebrate and acknowledge these selfless feats by honoring the caregivers who make so many women’s achievements possible by giving them our voice, our support, and our respect during this month.