Peace | Stillness | Freedom

We aim to achieve calmness in a crisis situation, by understanding and connecting with all of those affected.

We bring an aspect of serenity to each crisis with the use of both medical and emotional intervention.

We aspire to create a serene environment and encourage the vision of hope and support to take the necessary steps forward.

“Strength in the face of fear within a crisis.”

We empower our clients and give them courage by providing support holistically. We endeavour to create fortitude within the individual, the family and friends, so as to change the circumstances that they can.

We are experienced in the support of all medical, physical, emotional, mental and legal compromises that are associated with a crisis.

“The ability to think and act using knowledge and insight.”

We provide an objective view of and provide education around the situation. Together with our clients, informed decisions are made around an action plan for the way forward.

We facilitate post crisis support, unexpected medical diagnoses, rehabilitation post accidents, debilitating traumatizing incidents, long term supportive care and sudden changes in the course of known diseases, including palliative and end of life care.

With our action plan and facilitation, we are able to give everyone who seeks our support – individualized care. We offer our clients/patients peace of mind by changing the things we can and accepting the things we can’t.

“We all have times when life feels hard; when we’re frustrated and tired and just want to hide away.  If that is you right now, don’t worry – every caterpillar has to rest to become a butterfly and you’ll soon find your wings again. In the meantime, let the Angels wrap you in theirs. You are so loved.”

– Anna Taylor